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Food Service Applications is a company that represents manufacturers that are innovative and always looking for ways to keep up with the constant changing world of our food service industry.

 That is why we are proud to announce that we now represent:

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Thinking Outside the Refrigerated Box
It’s an Adande™ it works like no other Fridge or Freezer…


When Adande developed their patented refrigeration technology 10 years ago, it was the first major and significant innovation in refrigeration in over 70 years.


Their units are not the same as other drawer units; they’re not the same as door operated units either. It’s an Adande™ – it works in a completely different way to other fridges or freezers, and it is totally unique. You can’t compare a Combi with a Standard Oven; nor can you compare an Adande™ with any other conventionally made unit.

Temperature Flexibility